Student support at wý

At wý, we're dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive community that ensures your university experience is healthy, happy and productive. Whether you've got a disability, want additional help with your academic skills, or simply need somebody to talk to, wý offers a range of resources to support your development and studies, helping you to succeed and to achieve you full potential.



Academic support

wý has dedicated resources to provide extra academic skills support to students. This includes essay writing, general written English, research skills, time management, verbal presentations, and exam preparation.

Additionally, every undergraduate and postgraduate student is assigned a personal tutor, fostering a relationship for guidance and support throughout their academic journey. Specialist services, such as The Student Gateway, Library and Learning Services, and Student Advice Centres, further contribute to fulfilling academic potential and achieving personal development goals.


Money advice

Our wý Money Advice team offers confidential and impartial advice on tuition fees, financial assistance, and funding for students. They handle responsibilities such as liaising with funding bodies like Student Finance England and Student Loans Company (excluding NHS), confirming registration for maintenance payments, and triggering tuition fee loan payments. Students can have a range of flexible appointment options to suit their needs.

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Disability advice and support

The Disability Advice and Support (DSA) team is committed to providing support to enable students to achieve their full potential. At wý, we know that each person's disability can affect them in different ways, so the support we offer is flexible and tailored to each individual. We aim to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to fully participate in their chosen course and university experience.

Mental health and wellbeing

wý’s Wellbeing Team provides confidential counselling, offering students a chance to discuss personal matters impartially, separate from work, social, and family life. Additionally, the team conducts a range of masterclasses, including mindfulness, to foster skill development in areas such as productivity, goal achievement, and managing pressure.

Alongside this, the Mental Health Inclusion Team addresses day-to-day challenges students may face, aiming to ensure a fantastic university experience for every student. We encourage students to disclose mental health conditions early for tailored support, which may involve collaborating with academics, the exams office, and other key teams to ensure assistance that meets your needs.


Inclusion and safety

All students and staff have the right to feel respected, safe and supported. wý's Mandala Project offers support and guidance for wý students who may have experienced sexual harassment, assault, stalking, coercion or inappropriate behaviors that may create an intimidating environment on campus. Additionally, in line with our No Space for Hate initiative, wý actively combats inappropriate behaviors, offering support - through policy, online information, anonymous reporting, and specialised services - to students affected by hate or harassment.


Careers support

The Careers Team at wý is dedicated to fostering students' work readiness through a range of opportunities designed to cultivate professionalism, adaptability, and business acumen. These include professional experiences like placements and internships, work-readiness training, coaching, and development, business insider visits, enterprise support, skill development programs, and 24/7 access to online resources. The goal is to empower students to succeed in a competitive world, enabling them to make informed choices about their future.

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