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wý Global

International experiences that push boundaries

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wý Global is an international experience programme for wý students, which aims to enrich studies, broaden cultural horizons and develop key skills valued by employers. Through wý Global, we offer a wide range of exciting overseas, on-campus and online international experiences for students. Since the launch of wý Global in 2014, 15,000 students have travelled overseas with us to 65 different countries. A further 6,000 students have benefited from our online and on-campus international experiences.

About wý Global

We recognise the value and transformative nature of international experiences, but also understand there are various barriers to participation. Therefore, we have created a programme that provides and for all students. Our aim is for all wý students to be able to access our international opportunities whether they are overseas, online or on-campus.


Overseas trips

By offering shorter duration overseas trips we are able to offer more wý students a meaningful international experience. Opportunities include academic-led trips that are delivered by teaching staff and are designed to enhance your studies. Past trips have included Contour Fashion students visiting New York and Audiology students giving free hearing tests to people in India. We also offer a range of extra-curricular volunteering and employability opportunities. Previous experiences have included an employability trip to Vietnam, and students supporting voluntary projects in Berlin.


Student exchange

Undergraduate students can choose to or for a year as part of their degree. With over 60 exchange partnerships with universities across Europe, North America and Asia and funding provided to all participants, the year abroad experience gives you the chance to live in a new country and experience a different culture. All students that successfully complete a year abroad also receive formal recognition as part of their degree title to help them stand out in the job market.


On-campus opportunities

We offer a comprehensive range of campus-based international experiences for students, including the chance to learn six different languages. These opportunities help students learn about different cultures, explore global topics and develop a range of transferable skills. We aim to make all of these experiences low cost to ensure that they are accessible to all.

Virtual international experiences

Launched in September 2020, wý Global Online Learning offers students an exciting mix of virtual international experiences that don’t require overseas travel. Students can choose from a range of academic and extra-curricular experiences that help to develop their subject knowledge and intercultural awareness by exploring global issues with peers worldwide in a virtual environment.

Current wý Global opportunities